the trip

The new engine. The photo was shot at March 1st 2003.


I buy a new portable computer to use with the GPS for navigation. I also test a lot of navigational programs for the PC and decide to buy OziExplorer and use that program for the trip.
I will also use the Swedish "Det levande sjökortet" as a backup.
I now have two GPS-devices and two PC:s that can run two different programs. Of course I will also have printed charts on board, but I doubt that I'll use them . . . as anything else than backup.


During the 2002 summer season I had a lot of problems with the enigine. Now I decide to get a brand new engine. The old one was a Volvo Penta TAMD30. I decide to buy a new Volvo Penta TAMD31. It's actually the same engine as the old one, but many details have been changed, and it seems to be a much better engine.
I also decide to mount a new steeringdevice. The original Teleflex-cable device has never been that good! I order a hydralic system.
I realize that I need a dinghy for the trip as I'll be alone onboard for long periods. This time I decide to get a rubberboat and find one at a bargain price in a shop. Still no engine though.
Before Bibbi is lifted ashore the old engine is demounted. When on shore I demount the old dashboard.


In december I make a new dashboard at home. I get a new logg, as the display of the old one does not show anything any more!


January and February

The new engine and the new steering device is mounted on board. I order a new propeller as the new engine is somewhat more powerful then the old one.
I also buy a new engine for the dinghy.
I mount the new dashboard, and a new anchor lantern.


Doghouse interior in March 2003

April and May

On April 1st Bibbi is launched and the new engine is tested together with the man who mounted it. It works perfectly OK.
During April and May we drive quite a lot in the archipelago.

June and July

We're off for four weeks holiday with Bibbi. Everything works fine all the time.
I use the computor and the digital charts all the time and it works great, except twice when the program refused to change chart automatically. Both times I managed to change manually.


I buy a new anchor and two new chains for the anchors.
I also order the digital charts that I will use on the trip, along with the printed charts, just in case.


The new charts are delivered and I install them on the computor for tests.


On the 18th Bibbi is on land fore the winter. I bring all the equipment onboard to our house for winterwork and cleaning.


January and February

I spend every weekend with work on onboard. I install an electric pump for the sanitary system, and fix some leaks letting rain into the boat.
I also install the digital charts on the reserve-computor and test while driving the car around town.


New windows mounted in the fore cabin.
I get two new anchors instead of the old ones.

On May 31st Bibbi was launched, and there was time for a short testtour. Everything seemed to work OK.
This ends the planning for the trip, though quite a lot of work still remains to be done.