Boats we've seen during the trip

Boats in Råå

A birdsnest at top of the mast!


Anne-Marie af Råå, an exceptionally beautiful sailingboat.

In Copenhagen

Pleasureboat with big figurehead!

Rowingboat in Christianshavn's canal.

The Queen's Dannebrogen anchored in Copenhagen.

In Sandhamn

Vår Vind, an old ship beeing rebuilt in Sandhamn.

In Kalmar

Kalmarsund VIII is one of the ferries between Kalmar and Färjestaden before the bridge was built. It's now moored in Kalmar harbour.

Alouett is a tradesmen of the same type as used the 13th century. The type is called byrding. A ship like this was found at archeological excavations in Slottsfjärden and Alouett was built according to the findings there.

Alouett sailing on Slottsfjärden in Kalmar.

In Västervik

Aston the tug in Västervik
now also beeing the home of swallows!

Here in the broken front fender
swallows have a nest.
I saw them flying to and from
but it was impossible to catch them on film.

In Stocksund

Nice old pleasureboat CM Bellman, moored in Stocksund.

In Viggbyholm

The sign says that Viking Plym
probably is the oldest sailing vikingship in the world.

Viking Plym was built in 1912
and is still in excellent condition.

South of Vaxholm

Västan was one of many passengerboats
we meet in the northern archipelago of Stockholm.

In Furusund

By the little canal was a fisherman's boat
and as we passed on land a freigther passed on the water.

One of many big ferries
that passed the guestharbour in Furusund.

In Mariehamn

The Galeon Albanus
was built here in Sjökvarteret

Lille Björn from Rostock
moored at Skeppskvarteret.

By Granö

A wrecked barge close to Granö where we anchored.

Around Stockholm

We met Belem in Lindahlssundet

Waxholm 1


Big boat with big dinghy

Tiny lightship Bistkopsudden
in the center och Stockholm


In Strängnäs

Nice looking Sesam

In Trosa

Two beauties in Trosa: Juno the Swedish canalboat and a Dutch boat with a name I don't dare try to spell here.

In Ljungsbro

Albertina moored in Ljungsbro. Wonder if she ever gets to the sea?!

In Borenshult

The sightseeingboat Kung Sverker forced us to wait an extra hour in Borenshult.

Together. Margot and Sune from Solna aimed to sail around the southern half of Sweden. We met them here in Borenshult and sailed along with them most of Göta Canal.

In Vadstena

Folkboats sailing into Vdstena after a day at sea and the championship.

In Forsvik

The sightseeingboat Sandön in Forsvik

Smulan from Träslövsläge.

In Töreboda

Lina is a small hand-drivven ferry in Töreboda

In Sjötorp

Small steamboat Tuff-Tuff in Sjötorp

Old sailor Valborg beeing restored

In Läckö

Diana made a stop at Läckö castle while we were there