The weather


We started the trip on Tuesday March 31st and it was misty but fairly warm, and when we launch the boat in Helsingborg the sun is shining.



April 1st starts with fairly good weather in Helsingborg, and finishes with rain, snow and hard winds in Copenhagen!
The following days it's cold - about 0 degrees, and strong winds. It's usually below 0 during the nights. It snows heavily a couple of times.
April 5: Starts with rain, but fairly easy winds. In the afternoon a bit of sun and the wind dies completely.
April 6: No wind at all och sun. 10C.
April 7 to 16: Mostly cloudy. Some showers every day, but not enough to annoy us. Temperature during daytime around 10C. During nights between 0 and 5C.
April 17 to 20: It's getting better every day! One shower every day, but also some sun every day and temperatures between 15 and 20C during daytime, and between 5 and 10C during the nights.
April 21 to May 2: The sun shines most of the time and the temperature raises to between 20 and 25 during daytime. Nights around 10C.



May 3 to 7: Some clouds and some showers. Temperatures around 20C, getting better each day.
May 8 to 19: Between 25 and 30C during daytime. Sun is shining all days. But only just above 10C during nights. 13C at best.
May 20 to 24: Mostly cloudy. At best 20C, more often 15C during daytimes, and at least one heavy shower every day. 10C or below during the nights.
May 25 to 27: The days starts misty and with some clouds. Several showers every day and at best 20C. 10C during the nights.
May 28: One rainshower early in the morning and one late in the evening. Between those sun and 25C!
May 29 and 30: Rainshowers most of the days.
May 31: A bit chilly in the morning, but later it was very hot. Above 30C!



The first three days on June we had fine weather. Temperatures between 25 and 30C during daytime. But also at least one heavy rainshower every day.
June 4th: Not so warm, and June 5th sunny most of the day, but with a chilly northern wind, and rain in the afternoon.
June 6th started grey and chilly, offered some rain during the day, and was very hot in the evening.
June 7th: Sunny and hot most of the day, but with rain in the afternoon.
June 8th - 10th: Cloudy and warm - around 20C. Some rainshowers every day. Winds between 5 and 10 ms, most on June 9th, when it was 10 + ms.
June 11th: One of those days . . . A warming sun all day. No wind. Hot!
June 12th: Cloudy. Some showers. Wind about 8 ms.
June 13th: Sun most of the day, but at times a very chilly wind.
June 14th: Cold when cloudy, hot when sun was shining. Fairly strong wind.
June 15th: Sun, no wind, warm - in other words - perfect!
June 16th - 18th: Strong winds. Warm sun during daytime. Chilly nights.
June 19th - 21st: Warm. No wind.
June 22nd - 23rd: Windy and cloudy during daytime, with sunny and nice evenings.
June 24th - 26th: Warm - hot! - days. Strong winds and rain during the night between the 25th and 26th.
June 27th - 28th: Windy and grey. Some rainshowers.
June 29th - 30th: Swift changes between sun with light winds and thundershowers with strong winds.



July 1st - 4th: Mostly sunny and light winds.