From Copenhagen to Berlin

"Den lille havfruen"
in Copenhagen


Our first stop abroad is Copenhagen were we stay in Langeliniehamnen in the centre of the town, close to the famous Den lille havsfrue.

This is Nyhavn were old ships of all kinds stay - for ever?


The old flintoven in the harbour.

In the harbour of Rödvig the sun was shining at us and altogether four guestboats.


By the harbour for pleasureboats there are some old shipsengines shown - and this machinery - I don't know what it is!


We arrive fairly late at Barhöft and try to get in touch with the harbourmaster och the customs. None of them was to be found, and we don't mind.
In the morning of Easter Friday the harbourmaster came and saluted us by raising the Swedish flag next to the German in the harbour.


A slight mist give a strange touch to the silhouette of Stralsund when we arrive from north.
Bibbi II by "Die Klappbrücke" in the Querkanal and a typical Stralsund view in the back.


In Wolgast there is a huge Klappbrücke across the Peenestrom.

Das Rathaus - natürlich mit ein keller - in Wolgast.

Trzebiez - Ziegenort

The harbour for domestic boats. Here's a lot of local fishingboats.

The harbourmasters garden, were you can see that spring is long gone, and the church at back.

Szczecin - Stettin

Szczecin "skylight" when coming on Oder river from the north.

Brama Portowa in Szczecin, which seems to be an old historical monument that also have given name to the place where it is.


Schwedt have an enormous wide and long street for parades with big appartment houses on each side. Among these houses we found this small historical building.


While waiting for fuel in Hohensaaten we found a storks-nest on a chimney! And we actually saw a stork leaving the nest, so it's evidently in use.


The Oderberg Marina was closed, so there was plenty of room for us! And free!


Here we stayed in an old canal and went upp to the old gaststätte "Zur Glocke" and enjoyed dinner.


Oranienburg is our last stop before Berlin. We found a small harbour in a side canal.


Kaiser Wilhelms Gedächtsniskirsche is a favourite of mine. It's nice to sit in the church and think for a while. I admire the blue light in the room.

The whole center of Berlin is one big buildingplot. Here's the old "Reichtag" prepared to be home for the parliament from 1999/2000.