This is Andy

He's harbourmaster in one of the harbours in Oranienburg. His parents were German. They moved to Canada when Andy was four years old and went backa to Berlin when Andy was 17. I think he was glad to find some people to speek English with. And we were glad to find someone that understands our English.
Andys trying to bring this old harbour in good condition. He's been working on it some years, and there´s a lot more to do. He told us a lot about the situation in Germany today.


The Lauseckers

In Magdeburg we met Heidi and Eckhard Lausecker. They are friends of one of our friends and we called them on the phone. They came to us in the evening and after a cup of coffee on board we went to a Gaststätte in their home village Irxleben and had something to eat and after that we had coffee and wine in their house. Late - very late - they took us back to the boat again after a very nice evening.
The Lauseckers are very nice and showed great hospitality. We thank them very much!
In the Lausecker' garden.


The anglers

Fishing is very popular in the Polish and German rivers and canals. We've seen them every day. Close to the big cities the banks are crowded.

In the Osnabrück canal there was a competition for anglers when I passed. Hundreds of anglers along the canal.
The anglers in the Nort-Ostsee-Kanal, the Kiel Canal, all had tents or big umbrellas for shelter.


The swimmers

My friend Bosse and I have swimmed in the canal a couple of times when it's been real hot weather. We have not been alone . . .

. . . in Bergeshövede I saw a couple of guys swimming and jumping into the canal for hours. One of them climbed up on a barge passing on the canal and jumped into the water from that barge. Must be an extremely dangerous thing to do!


The AmigaWorld Team . . .

. . . or at least part of it. From left, myself Swedish translator and writer of historical texts about all the nations of the world. In the middle Ruud Hoekzma from The Netherlands, Dutch translator and writer of texts for many of the international organizations. And at right Wolfgang Lug from Germany, writer of the program itself. We all met on Bibbi II in Herne, and they stayed with me for a couple of days. The picture is shot at the Duisburg railwaystation, when they left me.


The bikers

There are a lot of bikers along the canals. This is along the Nort-Ostsee-Kanal.