The ships diary

This picture was shot at March 18th at launching


Bibbi II coming close to the water

March 18th was launching-day. Immediately after launching I made a short tour on the river to make sure that everything on board works correctly. And it seemed to work OK. During the coming weekend I will make further tests.


At the club island.

March 21st was a beautiful day. The sun was shining and there was not much wind. So Ingrid and I made a trip to Brustholmarna, our club-island, and had some great time there.
I also tested a lot of things on board and it all seems to work OK.

The following weekend I made another trip in the archipelago. Some more equipment was brought onboard as well.


Bibbi II in Rċċ harbour. The island Ven can be seen in the background.
At 8 o'clock in the morning on Tuesday March 31rd we leave Gothenburg. Bibbi II on a lorry and Brith, Ingrid and I in the car. At 11 o'clock Bibbi is launched again, and moved to a place for the night. After that we go to meet Robert in Helsingborg and have dinner with him.
Brith and I spend the afternoon in the boat fixing things. Ingrid go back to Gothenburg, and in the evening Robert, Silva and Silvas mother visit us in the boat.