The ships diary

Bibbi II in Hals


On July 1st we had a fine trip through Randers Fjord into Kattegat, and on Kattegat to Hals. The days started with rain but fairly soon we had sunshine and warmth.
In Randers Fjord we met several big freighters on their way to Randers harbour.
There were "thousands" of sailingboats on the sea this day. It was a real fine day.
In Hals we walked around a while as soon as we had moored. During the evening the harbour was filled with pleasureboats.


At Brustholmarna there are lots of jellyfishes. They are burning hot in the cold water!
The weatherman said light winds for July 2nd and strong winds for the rest of the week and for the weekend, so we sailed back to Gothenburg and Sweden today, a couple of days ahead of schedule. And we had a nice and calm trip.
The first half of the trip, up to and around Danish Läsö there were no waves, and the sailingboats had practically no wind. After Läsö the wind and waves increased but it was never unpleasant. If fact - it was one of the easiest Kattegat-crossings ever for Bibbi II.
As usaual we stopped at our club-island Brustholmarna. Only one boat there to welcome us: M/Y Amso with Olle and Anne-Marie. But that's how it usually is in the midst of the holiday season: most boats are far away.
We had a beautiful evening with a warming sun and soft winds.


The tower at Känsö is an old landmark in Gothenburg's southern archipelago.
We spent all Friday July 3rd lazying in the sun at Brustholmarna, but on July 4th we made a trip to Styrsö Tången to get fuel and food. On the way back to Brustholmarna we made a tour in the archipelago to see some of the welknown places.
In the evening Bosse Hörfelt and his wife Birgitta joined us at Brustholmarna and we had a drink together and shared memories from the week he joined me on the Mittellandkanal in Germany. Late in the evening the strong winds started.


Bibbi II at her own place in Hinsholmskilen in Göteborg.
We spent Sunday the 5th lazying at Brustholmarna. There were very strong winds so a couple of our friends in the club was here too, waiting for light winds so that they could get over to Denmark for holiday.
On Monday we sailed into Gothenburg. Ingrid had to visit her mother and help her. The winds were strong, but there is no problem sailing from Brustholmarna to our homeharbour, Hinsholmskilen, however strong the winds are.
When we got to our place a guestboat had moored there so we found another place to moor. I spent the day in the boat, while Ingrid went to her mother in Kungsbacka.
Late in the evening we sailed out to Brustholmarna.


Tuesday we spent at Brustholmarna. I started to type the "ordinary" ships logg into the computor. This logg is of course much more detailed than what you can read here. And it's only for the family. Sorry!
We also cleaned up in the boat, and had a fine day. The sun was shining all day, but the wind was chilly.


On Wednesday we once again sailed into Gothenburg. On Thursday we must go to the funeral of one of my old aunts. Our two boys are coming to the funeral too, so we have to check up a lot of things.
We spend the night between Wednesday and Thursday on board in Hinsholmskilen. For me this is the 100th night on board this season.


Thursday, July 9th, we go to the funeral. It's in Lidköping so we go there by car and it takes all day. Friday we have to go back to Lidköping to sort things out and fetch some things from my late aunts appartment.
On Saturday we promised to take my oldest son to the train in the afternoon, and by then it started to rain heavily, so Ingrid and I decided to stay ashore, and hope for better weather on Sunday.


The weather was not so much better on Sunday 12th that we made that trip with the boat. We decided to stay ashore and prepare for work on Monday. But we went down to the boat to get home all those things . . .
These last few days ashore are not my favourite way to finish a holiday, but then of course, I've never had a three months holiday before! :-)