It all started when my son Anders bought a Commodore 64 in the mid 1980:ies and it was followed by an Amiga 500 and an Amiga 1000 in 1988. Anders have both of these Amigas now.
After a couple of years I bought an Amiga 2000 secondhand and later the Amiga 3000, called Ex-Willie, which is now at grand-ma's place.
Today I use two of those "modern" Amigas as my daily computors. To create all those websites, info-pages for clubs, mail and so on. Of course they are both connected to the local network we have, as well as to the internet.

I know nothing about programming, but use my Amiga as a competent tool for doing things. More than ten years I was secretary of Göteborgs Motorbåt Sällskap, (the Gothenburg Motorboat Society,) GMS, and wrote all records on my Amiga of course. I kept the list of members in SBPro. And produced all notices for meetings in ProPage.
I bought the DTP-program PageStream a long time ago. At that time it did not work with the printer I had but today I use it almost every day.

This is what my Amiga-screen looks like when I open it! Well, that is the screen on one of the old Amigas I have, and the machine is still up and running from time to time.

I have translated the program AmigaWorld to Swedish, and have written historical texts about all of the 258 countries and dependencies mentioned in that program. AmigaWorld gives the most important information about the continents, all independent countries and many dependencies. It also shows maps and flags.
The program was written by Wolfgang Lug in Germany who unfortunately died in the autumn 1998. There's now a public key on Aminet.

I have installed Linux at a PC at home for testing and training. Maybe, maybe this will be the system I'll work with in the future. It seems OK. I use it for connecting to the bank.
I also have a PC with XP. It's fast and OK, but you can never trust a Microsoft OS. At least once a week I get a message that's it's time for another security-update of the OS!
I also have two laptops with XP. I use them to navigate the boat, but seldom connect to the internet.

I do a lot of DTP-work, but even more webpages.

I have a plan to scan all our thousands of pictures and put them in our digital archive. I have the scanner and computor to do it, but time!
I already have the archive running. Here I keep all digital pictures I take today. Here I also have all web-pages I've made. Some of the loggbooks I write when on the boat. And there's a special archive for programs I've bought so I can reach them easy without searching for old discs or CD:s.
I also have a plan to digitise all those tapes with good music I have. Today I have an Amiga 4000 up and running and capable. Again, lacking the time to do it.

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