In 1968 I bought my first car, a Ford Anglia. After that I had a couple of Triumph cars and in 1976 I bought my first Rover, a Rover 2000 SC, and since then I have had a number of Rovers. All of them in the P6 series, a couple of 2000 SC:s, a couple of 2000 TC:s and finally a 3500 S. But in 1995 I changed from the P6 model and bought a brand new 214 SiL. Only a couple of months later my wife also bought a new 214.
In September 1998 I changed my 214 to a brand new 414SiL, and in May 2000 I bought a new Rover 75!

In early 1996 I started to make The Rover Club of Sweden homepage. and continued as webmaster for that site until mid 2009.

I've also been involved in the British Car Week arrangements in Gothenburg.

My second car was a Triumph Herald from 1965.

My third was a Triumph 2000 MKI. I do not remember the year.

The fourth car was a Rover 2000 SC from 1970 which awoke my weakness for Rover cars.
And this weakness has been prevalent since then!

My first, a Ford Anglia from 1958

My "last" P6, a 3500S from 1975

The Rover 214SiL I bought new in 1995

The Rover 414Si I bought new in 1998

The Rover 75 I bought new in 2000

My "new" Rover 2000TC from 1971

My Rover 216i Cab from 1994

My Range Rover from 1976

Ingrid's Rover 75 from 2000

Ingrid's Rover 75 from 2005

Ander's Rover 600 from 1998

Robert's Rover 600 from 1995


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