Bo Arnholm

Bo Arnholm, Södermalmsgatan 13, S-431 69 Mölndal, SWEDEN

Born 1948

Journalist: I started as a reporter in 1972, and soon became subeditor and nighteditor working evenings and nights. During the early and mid 90's I was involved with introducing digital production at "Göteborgs-Posten", the second biggest daily broadsheet in Sweden with a circulation of about 280.000. Today I'm working with planning the paper. At work I use and PC:s. But at home I prefer my Amiga.

By the way: Gothenburg - Göteborg in Swedish - is a very nice town. Second biggest town of Sweden. Gothenburg itself have about 400 000 inhabitants, and close to 700 000 with the suburbs included. The town Mölndal where I live is a fairly big suburb to Gothenburg with about 50 000 inhabitants.
For transportation in the town there are nice - and a bit oldfashioned - trams that we really like. If you'd like to know how to get from one place in town to another, there's an easy way to find out: go to this place.
Gothenburg have the biggest port of Scandinavia, and is known worldwide for the many industries, like the car-manufactorer Volvo, the ball-bearing company SKF, the welding-company ESAB (yes, they use Amigas for some functions at their office - At least they used to have it), the camera-manufactorer Hasselblad and many others. This famous picture is taken with a camera manufactured in Gothenburg.
Chalmers University of Technology is also well known.

I have been married since 1971 (with the same woman all the time) and I have two sons, Anders and Robert. Anders is working as a programming consultant at a company called HiQ. He has a lot of computors at home. (I depend on him to get the most out of my Amiga). Robert is also programmer and uses a PC (and so does my wife!).

Main interests (besides work): (motor)Boating, music, travelling and computing. I usually spend five weeks holiday on board our boat every summer. Most time we spend on the Swedish west coast, but occassionally we make trips to Norway, Denmark, Germany and the Swedish east coast.

I listen to all kinds of music: folkmusic, rock, pop, classical - you name it and I have about 1000 records.

As a young student, in the mid and late 60:s, I hitchhiked around most of Europe, but when the kids were born there was no money left for travelling. These last years I have been travelling a lot again: Berlin and some other cities in Germany, London, Brussels, Finland, China, Egypt and the USA. Some times on business and some times for pleasure.


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